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With Every New Leaf

We See A Promising Future

Partnerships & Recognition

Through the course of our history in Africa, we have forged strong partnerships with like-

minded institutions. Today, we continue to build partnerships to further advance programs

focused on making a significant impact towards reducing emissions and improving lives.

Gold Standard Certification

New Leaf Africa has earned the Gold Standard Certification for Sustainable Development Programs

in Africa.

In addition to this esteemed certification, we have gained approval from international governments, multi-nationals and the United Nations. 

Congo Brazzaville Government

We are in collaboration with the Congo government to further REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest 


Through our partnership, we are exploring how the REDD+ model can further support the World Bank Program in introducing these solutions for positive change through sustainable community improvements and renewable  energy sources.

EPA of

Sierra Leone

Our partnership with the EPA of Sierra Leone has allowed us to:

  • Assist in global initiatives geared toward reducing carbon emissions

  • Advise on long-term preservation efforts

  • Play a key role in identifying, quantifying, and qualifying current practices for a new standard of preservation and sustainability

  • Gain the support of local community health officials and tribal nations to educate their communities on the importance of sustainability and preserving their own precious, natural resources

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