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We are Turning Over

New Leaves

Our Story

To 'Turn over a New Leaf' is to behave in a different manner, to change one’s attitude about something.


Changing behaviors and attitudes is exactly what we wanted to do when we founded New Leaf Africa in 2013. The New Leaf team came together from different fields and specialties, but shared the common desire to form something that would improve people’s lives and better the state of the planet.

What began as a vision for a better tomorrow has positioned us as the leading project developer in carbon-offset projects for advancing access to water, improved health, education and agriculture in Sub-Saharan African communities. 

Our global team is made up of leaders in technology, population health, and renewable energy. Our vision is to bring sustainable development solutions to African regions through carbon credit investments, while providing corporations with a quantifiable solution to offset their environmental impacts and promote social and environmental stewardship.

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