Turning a New Leaf

We believe a sustainable future is a balance of ecological integrity, economic opportunity, and human well-being.

We are the Ambassadors

for a Better World

As ambassadors to this planet, we need to preserve its resources and care for its people.

New Leaf Africa provides opportunity for such action through climate-mitigation projects with a lifetime of sustainability as its goal.

Our projects have a significant impact throughout Africa and domino into equally impactful 

bi-products such as living a healthier and more productive life, eliminating super-dependence on native resources and, through education, creating the mindfulness to reduce the damage done to our environment and atmosphere.

Why Africa?

You Have a Role to Play


of the world's poorest regions reside in Africa

414 million

people still live in extreme poverty

400 million

people are suffering from waterborne diseases

New Leaf Africa 

develops projects with quantifiable impacts throughout Africa that will

have a significant 

environmental impact and a waterfall effect of social co-benefits including health,

and education.


Simple - Portable - Durable

Distributing and implementing The Project Blue water filtration system to African

communities will dramatically reduce the incidence of waterborne disease, death and illness, as well as minimize local deforestation and air pollution.